As an approved professional company according to AD-Merkblatt HP 0/TRD 201/TRR 100- we supply and assemble pipelines, containers and instruments.

We are certified as a professional company according to WHG § 62 (1) AwSV by TÜF Süd Industrieservice.

Pipeline construction

- Nominal widths (DN 10 - 400) / Nominal pressure (PN 6 - 300)

- Material: VA, Cu, C-steel, PE

- Welding technology: MAG, WIG, Orbital, E-Hand

- Plastic pipe structure


Installation of gas pipelines and equipment

- Technical gas devices for e.g. Oxygen, acetylene, hydrogen and nitrogen etc.

- Devices for special and high-purity gases, e.g. in medicine, laboratories and laser systems