WIN Wartung und Instandhaltung GmbH

Branch office Zeiner, Greiz, Telephone: 03661-3994
Mail: info [at], Fax: 03661-63205

Title of the project:

Low-energy disintegration of biogenic residues and waste fractions


This project presents the state of the art in substrate disintegration as well as the technical characteristics of the respective products. In addition, the advantages of substrate disintegration in terms of increasing the fermentable organic fraction, increasing the rate of biogas reaction and changing the stirrability or hydrodynamics are worked out. The expected primary and secondary effects are worked out. Furthermore, a comparative classification of the mechanical disintegration / preparation technology of WIN GmbH will be made in comparison to technologies currently available in the field of mechanical disintegration processes. In particular, on the basis of technical parameters such as throughput, installed electrical power, raw material bandwidth, etc. should be a classification. Based on this, the degree of novelty of the technology for cutting and bouncing low-energy shredding, especially of moist residual and waste materials, should be specified. In addition, the remaining technical risks in the area of ​​material selection, wear protection and the associated service life for the reactor and the comminution tools as well as the optimized process engineering procedure are to be described in detail.

The project on which these results are based was funded by the Free State of Thuringia under the number 2016 IVW 0092 and co-financed by European Union funds under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


Contact Person:

Mr. Swen Schindler


Title of the project:

Promotion of Verbund education


The project aims to improve the quality of training and increase the training place potential of the training company. Training content is promoted, which takes place in other companies or institutions in addition to their own company training (integrated training).